Wonderworld of Light and Colour

Located in Sydney’s historic district – the Rocks, Opal Minded has kept opal lovers intrigued with an unrivaled collection since 1989. Our intimate showroom highlights a rare mix of delicate, edgy and one-of-a-kind opal jewellery pieces, as well as unset opal gemstones predominantly sourced from our own opal mines in Queensland.

An interior awash with light allows the opals at our boutique to create a magic world of light and colour for your enjoyment. Think of organic shapes framed by intricate lines, surrounded by diamonds and set in 18k gold that come alive in nature’s most poetic play of colour. Here you can find some of the most spectacular opal jewellery in the Southern Hemisphere and explore our distinctive collection of engagement and wedding jewellery.

We are an Australian opal specialist, and a treasure trove for connoisseurs of hand-crafted mastership. We cater to desires that may stretch beyond the ordinary. We are in the business of creating happiness by the way of opals. We gladly share our opal expertise and we consult on quality and design, both in an informal relaxed environment and with no buying pressure. We offer private appointments and ship overseas. We issue certificates of authenticity and guarantee our products beyond the expected.