Top 5 opal anniversary gifts

Traditionally, 14th, 16th and 34th anniversaries are marked with an opal anniversary gift. Yet, increasingly, the exquisite Australian gemstone has come to mark any important anniversary, favoured by discerning jewellery collectors of Australia, USA and Europe. 

The symbolism of opals lends itself easily to celebrating a long-lasting love, as it conveys the sense of uniqueness, strong loyalty and trust. It marked the love stories of Mark Antony and Cleopatra, and Prince Albert and Queen Victoria. 

Choosing an opal is an exceedingly personalised experience as each opal piece is absolutely unique. That rarity is exceedingly pronounced with the darker, more vividly coloured varieties of Australian precious opals. In our experience, it is opal pendants and opal rings that say it more than any other jewellery, however, historically, earrings and broaches mattered as well.

One Kiss
Angel of The Waters

One Kiss

Moring Glory

Santa Barbara

Fire and Desire